Moore wins close Pineville Town Council race

PINEVILLE – Danielle Moore won the second available seat on the Pineville Town Council after the Meckenburg County Board of Elections counted outstanding absentee and provisional ballots. 

Moore and Eric Fransen were tied at 624 votes at the end of Election Day. But after the county-wide canvas, Moore jumped to 627 votes. She’ll join Amelia Stinson-Wesley, who was the leading vote-getter in the council race, as well as Mayor-elect David Phillips for the new term. 

Moore thanked her supporters, loved ones, mentors and the Lord on her campaign’s social media account. 

“This is truly an honor to be able to serve my community as the first black female council member,” Moore said. “Thank you to everyone who cast their vote for me.”

The Pineville race was the lowest margin of victory in Mecklenburg County’s 2023 election. 

Here are the 10 closest margins of victory in Mecklenburg and Union counties. 

• Coin Toss – Robert Burns defeated Bob Yanacsek in a coin flip to win the Monroe mayor’s race. 

• 3 votes – Danielle Moore won by three votes over Eric Fransen to claim the second seat on the Pineville Town Council. 

• 5 votes – Cornelius Mayor Woody Washam won by five votes over challenger Denis Bilodeau.

• 6 votes – Challenger Stephen Passarelli defeated incumbent Margaret Bivens by six votes to win the third seat on the Marshville Town Council. 

• 15 votes – David Dotson held off Parker Mills by 15 votes to win the third seat on the Monroe City Council. 

• 30 votes – David Phillips won the Pineville mayor’s race by 30 votes over Ed Samaha. 

• 39 votes – Mineral Springs Mayor Rick Becker kept challenger Taylor Ross at bay by 39 votes to retain his seat. 

• 48 votes – Mineral Springs Town Councilmember Lundeen Cureton had a 48-vote cushion over challenger Chelsey Felts to keep her seat. 

• 57 votes – Bruce Barton retained the third seat in the Lake Park Village Council by 57 votes over challenger Elliot Engstrom.

• 133 votes – Lori Bailey had a 133-vote advantage over challenger Erin LeCroy to remain on the Wesley Chapel Village Council. 

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